Department of Education

Manjit Sarmah
Faculty Name: Manjit Sarmah, M.A.
Phone No: 9435234452
Asha Tamuly
Faculty Name: Asha Tamuly, M.A.
Phone No: 8638708406
The subject ‘Education’ which dispels ignores and errors from the minds of the students, was first included in the courses of studies since the inception of Reliance College Jr. in 2003. Since then, it becomes the most popular and fascinating subject among the learners for its variety of contents. It also gives a preliminary knowledge of psychology, mental health and pedagogy. The variety of contents makes the subject interesting as well as thought provoking.
The Department of Education at present is under the able guidance of two faculties viz, Mr. Manjit Kumar Sarmah (M.A. in Education and M.A. in History) the retired H/D of Education, D. R. College, a teacher with 40 yrs of teaching experiences in different college and Asha Tamuly M.A. a dedicated, young and promising faculty.
The department of education shows brilliant results consistently and good numbers of students have secured letter marks in the subject every year. Long live Dept of Education.