Department of Computer Science

Tapas Kr. Borah
Faculty Name: Tapas Kr. Borah, B.Sc., B.C.A.
Phone No: 7002649005
The use of Information Technology (IT) is well recognized. It has become must for the survival of all business houses with the growing information needs. Computer is the main component of an Information Technology Network. Today, computer technology has permeated every sphere of existence of modern man. From railway ticket reservations to online shopping, medical diagnosis to satellite launching, weather forecasting to criminal catching – everywhere, we witness the elegance, sophistication and efficiency possible only with the help of computers.
The great futurist late Rupak Kr. Gogoi, former Chairman of Reliance College Jr. Golaghat, took a marvelous step of starting Computer Science & Application as one of the subject of his college from the 10th July, 2003 which was the established day of the college, so that the students of H.S. level can get this bright light of modern Information Technology of Computer. Late Prashanta Baruah was the first faculty member in this department. Thereafter, Tridip S. Gogoi became the faculty member in this department. In 25th April 2008, Tapas Kr. Borah joined as the faculty member in the Computer Science & Application Department, still he has been serving as the faculty in this department.
As a college under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC), the department follows the AHSEC syllabus which is equivalent to NCERT syllabus. The main objectives of this syllabus are –
  1. To learn problem solving technique.
  2. To learn C++ Programming and using it how to develop software.
  3. To understand the concept of Relational Database Management System.
  4. To understand the basic concepts of Communication and Networking technologies.
To achieve these objectives the department carries out practical classes parallel with the theory classes. Apart from these classes, home works and assignment works are given to the students and the AHSEC Question Banks are solved.
And at the end, each HS 1st Year and 2nd Year student have to develop a software like – Memory Game, Calculator, Library Management System, Railway Reservation System etc. which is very useful for the student as he/she knows what are phases to follow to develop a software, how to gather data and information, to solve a problem and to write programs according to the requirement.
This subject is beneficial for those students who want to take the profession in IT sector like MCA, BCA, B.Sc. IT, M.Sc. IT, B.Tech, M.Tech etc.
The following table shows the last 7 years HS 2nd Year Final Exam Result of Computer Science & Application

Last 7 Years HS 2nd Year Final Result of Computer Science & Application
YearNo of Students AppearedHighest MarkLowest MarkNo of Students secured Marks between
100 to 80 (Letter Marks)79 to 6059 to 4544 to 3029 to 0 (Fail)
201315 [7(Sci)+8(Arts)]7348Nil0609NilNil
201409 [5(Sci)+4(Comm)]7654Nil0702NilNil
201517 [10(Sci)+1(Arts)+6(Comm)]8254090701NilNil
201616 [13(Sci)+3(Arts)]92661006NilNilNil
201719 [18(Sci)+1(Arts)]7668Nil19NilNilNil
201820 (Sci)7551Nil1208NilNil
2019 25 [21(Sci)+2(Arts)+2(Comm)] 85 54 01 23 01 Nil Nil