Department of Botany

Dr. A.N. Dutta
Zoology Faculty Name: Dr. A.N. Dutta, M.Sc., Ph.D
Phone No: 9854190717
Sajidur Rahman
Zoology Faculty Name: Sajidur Rahman, M.Sc.
Phone No: 9706922981
Rumi Borgohain
Faculty Name: Rumi Borgohain, M.Sc.
Phone No: 7002464322
Theme of the Department:
Save Nature and Save Life.

About the Department:
The Reliance College Jr. was established in the year 2003 to illuminate light of knowledge to young generation specially for the students comming from english medium schools. Since begining the Department of Biology has been showing brilliant results in each final examination conducted by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Assam for the sincerity and divotion of the teachers in Biology subject. The teachers are always happy to help and guide the students in academic affairs. The Biology laboratory is spacious and well equipped with adequate musium specimens, projector, chemicals, models, charts etc. with a good number of microscopes to facilitate the students to earn practical knowlage in the subject. The department teaches the student about course along with the Social responsibility to save the flora and fauna of North-Eastern region of the India because North east India has been blessed by the Nature greatly with the oil fields, minerals ores and hills and rivers. The department also responsible by making awareness programme among the students to know the endangered plants animals, hotspots and conservation of Biodiversity for future generation. This department supplies the study materials for different competitive examination for state level and National level every year.
Some of the outgoing students are able to secure seats in medical science, veterinary science, biotechnology, pharmacology since 2005.